Founded by digital marketing expert Manpreet Kalra, Art of Citizenry is dedicated to the belief that great things happen when we celebrate and elevate one another.

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A Note from Manpreet

Thanks for checking out Art of Citizenry! 

I am excited to share my story with you. My journey started while working in Silicon Valley within the startup and venture capital world. My involvement in the tech sector continued when I moved to Seattle and joined a marketing analytics company where I was challenged to think about marketing both quantitatively and qualitatively. I also got to geek out and share my knowledge by teaching digital marketing at General Assembly.

With time, though, I became disillusioned with tech, realizing that profits often outweigh people. I knew something had to change. I left my job and set off on a two month trip across Africa. I came back with a creative spirit and, after some processing, started my own venture, Artizenry, making eco-friendly and socially responsible letterpress cards inspired by textile designs (check it out and refresh your greeting card stash). Along the way, I learned the ins and outs of ethical sourcing and the challenges of creating and running a small business (oh, so many!).

If you haven't figured it out already, I had caught the travel bug and soon I was back in the air again (filling up my #52PagePassport). This time, I flew to India for two months to meet artisans and producer groups. I walked from street to street and sat together in the driveways of women who had been doing hand embroidery for decades. I also met with fair trade producer groups, understanding how the macro and the micro come together when it comes to ethical fashion.

I came back overwhelmed. Putting the pieces of my journey together, I realized my intimate understanding of a product’s lifecycle from conception to production to consumption, taught me how to empathize with conscious brands. I also realized my marketing expertise could be harnessed to effect large-scale change for companies that already were doing this work. That is how Art of Citizenry came to life.

My goal with Art of Citizenry is to empower creative and conscious businesses to maximize their impact in the world. 

By creating data-driven marketing strategies for everything from website optimization to social media engagement, I hope to help your business fuel growth and reach its goals too. 

I look forward to working together!

“Manpreet is the person you want beside you at all times! She has integrity, passion for life, enthusiasm, humor and brilliance. I worked with her at Togetherville, a kids’ online community within Facebook which was acquired by Disney...Manpreet is so resourceful, so much fun, so determined to move mountains if necessary, I think she’s fabulous; among the best people I’ve ever worked with...”
— Ann McCormick, Founder of the Learning Company

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